Urban Solar

Make your establishment a huge power bank. Bid goodbye to long electricity bills.
Gift your establishment a unique dimension by going "au naturel".

Rural solar

Become ultramodern with regard to Rural electrification.
Use Natural source to enlighten Rural life.

industrial solar

Reduce your dependence on exhaustive resources and nurture the power of green.

solar consultation

Become solar clever with the help of our solar experts, get advice for every energy problem.

Start Your Solar Journey

Don’t waste time in waiting. Explore solar energy and get benefits.

Industrial Solar

Bring to your industry the nature's bounty and reduce your dependence on exhaustive sources,nurture the power of Green/nature and earn economic advantage.


We live in a world bathed in 5,000 times more energy than we consume as a species in the year, in the form of solar energy. It's just not in usable form yet. - Peter Diamandis Industries pay heavy money for their heavy loads, making a capital expenditure one time will justify the Return on investment for long coming years.

It’s a myth that solar can’t take heavy loads, solar can run industrial boilers, Heavy Machineries etc. We help Organization and Industries to reduce their electricity bills and helping to get their carbon credits.

It is time for our industries to become economically competitive and make your firm stand out.

We help to make building solar whether it’s a load of any size from 1KW to any limit. Our smart designs and high quality integration of Solar Projects help home to have low cost energy got decades and on a very little cost of maintenance.