Urban Solar

Make your establishment a huge power bank. Bid goodbye to long electricity bills.
Gift your establishment a unique dimension by going "au naturel".

Rural solar

Become ultramodern with regard to Rural electrification.
Use Natural source to enlighten Rural life.

industrial solar

Reduce your dependence on exhaustive resources and nurture the power of green.

solar consultation

Become solar clever with the help of our solar experts, get advice for every energy problem.

Start Your Solar Journey

Don’t waste time in waiting. Explore solar energy and get benefits.


To make every wall and roof harnessing renewable source of power and saving the future of this Planet


To become a pioneer for saving the environment by providing solar technology a new dimension in residential, commercial and industrial operations.

Company Brief

JP Solar is envisioned with a mission to make every house or industry low cost self-dependent power house which will use clean and renewable energy harnessing the Solar Power and contributing to save the nature for future generations.

JP Solar is committed towards providing world class renewable energy services while integrating the industry in an eco-friendly ambience. We aim at making each household solar-tech and foster the green world.

At JP Solar, we make our customers delighted by providing a wide range of consulting services.

Solar energy is been used from ages, in a county like India where Sun is source of power and spiritualism importance, sun is deep rooted in our culture and value system. We pray Sun as God.